Devotion to the Holy Rosary is one of the most unique characteristics of the Catholic spirituality and it is considered as among the “finest and most praiseworthy traditions of Christian contemplation.” The Rosary inspires people to meditate on the mysteries of the life of Jesus and Mary through the repetition of contemplative prayers.

The purpose of the overall design of Rosary Hills Retreat Center is to remind all of its guests that faith should be at the center of their lives, not only through prayer but also through their interaction with nature as a God-given gift to mankind.

Site Planning

The site, while it has a regular rectangular shape, has a partial crater midway in, which creates the shape of an hourglass. Inspired by and considering the shape of the site, the layout of the buildings became a “funnel” which would lead people to the center then expanding outward on the other side.

The Rosary, which is the original inspiration, was laid over the lot plan to symbolize the major structures to be built:

  • Cross – the Main Building
  • Our Father – the Visitors’ Center
  • Antiphon Beads – the Dorm
  • Glory Be – the Fountain
  • Medallion – the Chapel
  • Decade Beads – Cottages, Gazebos, etc.
  • Cross – the Main Building
  • Our Father – the Visitors’ Center
  • Antiphon Beads – the Dorm
  • Glory Be – the Fountain
  • Medallion – the Chapel
  • Decade Beads – Cottages, Gazebos, etc.

Building Design

All structures within the Retreat Center should reflect the design concept.


Meditation is an intimate time for a person to reconnect with himself, without the distractions of the world around him. The core purpose of meditation is to be able to do that and focus on what is found within oneself. Hence, one finds solace in a quiet place where peace can be found.

The colors of the Center have been intricately thought of. It must exude the colors of warmth, modesty, calmness, consolation, wisdom, and peace, while radiating elegance and sophistication. The colors aimed to make every guest feel that they are home and that they are one with nature as they reconnect with their innermost being.


The same material finishes remain continuous throughout the site and to all structures.
Furthermore, there is only one typical design for cottages, dormitory rooms and function halls.


The element of symbolism resounds in every corner.

a. The Apostles’ Creed is a summary of the central truths of the Christian faith. By reciting the Creed, we state our personal and communal identity. We affirm that we are united in faith with the ancient Church and with our fellow believers.

The Conference Hall assumes the position of the Creed as it is where the believers gather, interact, and strengthen their relationship and faith.

b. The “Our Father” bead is represented by the Visitors Center. With this prayer, we enter into communion with the Father and with Jesus, who has revealed him to us. Praying this prayer helps us to develop the will to become as humble and trusting as Jesus. The Visitors’ Center is the first step into the retreat experience when one humbles himself and undergoes a spiritual journey.

Moreover, to ask for our daily bread is to ask that our hungers be satisfied – all of them, not just physical hunger, but also spiritual.

c. The 3-storey dormitory is called the Antiphon House. Each typical floor is dedicated to what the antiphon beads symbolize: faith, hope, and charity.

d. The Trinity Fountain is called as such to represent the Glory Be bead which reaffirms the eternal glory of our “God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity.” A triquetra or trinity knot adorns the fountain with 3 sprouts poiting to the center.

e. The Chapel of Our Lady is the masterpiece of the whole Retreat Center. It takes the place of the medallion on the rosary and the center of the whole site where people are “funneled” into – a subconscious invitation to return to God.

The modernist architecture and more classical interiors represent a modern individual with a passionate Catholic soul.

f. The site is blessed with a rolling downward slope to the Lumbia River below, and the same topographic profile and heavy foliage on the opposite ridge. This becomes the perfect location for the Cottages, and all other similar elements of the Retreat Center.

In keeping with the mysteries of the Rosary and what there combat in our daily existence, the following concepts were implemented:

1. The Joyful Mysteries combat an aversion to the simple, mundane, and ordinariness of life. Hence, the 5 easily accessible cottages are zoned to this mystery.
2. The Sorrowful Mysteries oppose the unwillingness to deal with pain and hardship. Therefore, the 5 most difficult cottages to reach are zoned as such.
3. The Glorious Mysteries battle the apathetic lack of concern for the future. Those 5 cottages with unobstructed views are zoned here.
4. The Luminous Mysteries fight the fear and hatred of being exposed. And so, the 5 wall-less gazebos are themed after this mystery.



Come find peace, comfort,

connection, and introspection.

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